Sarah Iverson, CPCC, MBA      

Executive & Personal Coaching


Executive & Personal Co-Active Coaching...



Change:                                                             Creating Meaningful New Possibilities

Do You Have a Desire to:


Broaden Your Perspectives

Get “Unstuck”

Develop New Strategies

Move Your Business to the Next Level

Identify Your Blind Spots

Design Your Perfect Career

Reduce Stress

Improve Communications

Create a Balanced & Fulfilled Life



If So:

Co-Active Coaching Can Help YOU Transform!


Coaching:                                                         Gain Awareness, Achieve Success

Coaching is focused attention on you.  It’s about clearly identifying your goals, what changes or steps are needed to bring about the desired goals and the action plan needed to achieve success.  Coaching is a process allowing change to happen on an organizational, relationship and personal level.

Benefits of Coaching:

Assessment of Self:

  • Who you are
  • How you show up
  • What are your Core Values

Clear Expectations of Self and Career

Identification of new Strategies for Success

Commitment/Accountability/Action Plans

A Fulfilled and Balanced Life

Improved Teamwork and Communication

Conscious Choice verses Unconscious Reacting

Increased Creativity

Confidence and Awareness 


Stop Talking...Start Doing