Sarah Iverson, CPCC, MBA      

Executive & Personal Coaching


"Sarah is very humble, approachable and readily puts one at ease. She is very ethical and trustworthy and operates from a base of honesty. Her approach to providing guidance and help is more about asking the right questions so we as individuals are doing the discovery and reaching the answers in a way where the journey was an important part of the process and realization."

Product Marketing Director

Bay Area, California

"Sarah sees the whole version of you and assists in your process to gain insights. She does it with an incredible sense of calm.  This allows her, through her deep listening skills, to go deep with a client to really get to the "core" of what they need or want and how they connect to themselves, their communities, and the world."

Business Consultant

Boulder, Colorado

"Sarah listens and then starts to guide. She doesn't give advice as much as she helps her clients help themselves. She instills confidence that the answer lies within. It is a process that leads to better understanding of self. She helps her clients excavate their own divine insight. She gives her clients their own set of tools and wings."

Writer & Teacher

St. Paul, Minnesota

"I was lucky enough to work with Sarah during a pivotal point in my life.  I felt I needed direction as well as a deeper sense of self -- I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me discover both.  Sarah's ability to hold a sacred space for another human being is truly magical.  To me, one of the most important aspects of a coaching relationship is to work with someone who meets me exactly where I am at, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so that I may open myself up to insights and personal discoveries.  Sarah does this magnificently.  I always felt supported; never judged nor directed.  Throughout our sessions, I gained clarity on who I am as well as what it is I want in life.  I also received tools to keep me grounded and on a path to reach my personal mission.  I'm grateful to have worked with Sarah and would recommend her to any and everyone."


Billings, Montana

"I had the opportunity to work with Sarah when I was going through a transition to a new boss that was not working well for me. For the prior 20+ years in my company, I had always been rated as a high performing employee and had positive relationships with management.  I have had many managers over the years, but with this particular new manager, I suddenly found myself being undervalued and subsequent performance ratings were impacted negatively.  Somehow, we had not hit it off and the damage seemed irreparable.  Sarah provided me with insights and tools to help me approach this problematic relationship with positive energy, focusing on what I had control of and recognizing and letting go of what I didn't control.  Through an evaluation method that incorporated prioritizing my values, and articulating an ideal job, I was able to confirm to myself that I really didn't want to change jobs, although that seemed like the only possible solution to me in the moment. 

The results over time were remarkable.  I'm now back to high performance ratings with my boss truly valuing me, seeking out my opinion and input on decisions.  In a recent peer review, one consistent comment all my colleagues included was on my positive attitude.  I have had people come to me and ask, "How do you do that? How can you stay so positive with everything you're dealing with?"  With the relationship with my boss changed for the better, work is now going great and the stress in my life is so much less.  This also benefited my home life.  The relatively small amount of time with Sarah really made a big difference for me.  It felt so comfortable working with Sarah.  She is a great listener that empathized and seemed to quickly understand the difficulties I was dealing with.  She offered very practical tools and actionable steps that helped me to turn around an awful situation.  I would highly recommend her."

Director, Marketing & Communications

St. Paul, Minnesota

"I was introduced to the concept of working with a Personal Coach by my sister-in-law. After being contacted by several Coaches -- my skepticism increased. I thought, "What am I thinking? This just isn't for me." Then, I had a conversation with Sarah. Now Sarah and I have weekly conversations. Sometimes those 30 minutes are fleeting, while other times I think we've got to be finishing up soon only to look at the clock and see we're only 10 minutes into the call. It's those times when we are working on my core values and I realize the integral part they play in attaining my objectives and goals, it can be very challenging. When Sarah begins with, "You're not going to like me, and that's okay, but, let's stick with this for a minute," my knee jerk reaction is, "Uh, yeah, let's not." After reflecting on the exercise and the insights that come from it, I find myself saying, "I get it! Let's do more!" At 50, I'm learning, changing, evolving, and more positively focused on the future than ever before. In my opinion, working with a Personal Coach is about finding the right fit, and for me, Sarah couldn't be "more right.""

Small Business Owner

Baltimore, Maryland

"Sarah has the ability to cut through the noise in an amazingly respectful way so that I can make my dreams a reality."

Social Justice Coordinator & Writer

Edina, Minnesota